The Lord's Prayer Challenge 

The Lords prayer
During July, I would like to challenge you to pray the Lord's Prayer three times a day - not three times one after the other, but three times spread throughout the day - morning, noon and night.  

This could be:

  • at 9 am, 12 noon and 3 pm; or
  • when you wake, at lunchtime, and before you go to sleep; or
  • three other times that you set in your calendar that fit your daily rhythm.

The idea of praying this prayer three times a day comes from an early anonymous Christian text called the "Didache".   That, in turn, is based on the Jewish practice of praying three times a day (for example Daniel in Daniel 6:10).

This is not about rattling off the prayer as quickly as you can, but rather setting aside a small amount of time (maybe only a few minutes) to slowly and meditatively pray through this prayer.

We are encouraging people to grow in the 'With God Life' which is about living in the conscious awareness of God with us during more and more moments of each day.  This is a simple practice that can help us.  As Blake Adams described in a  recent blog, these three points of prayer become pools of prayer.  We can then begin to dig channels between them so more and more of our days are bathed in prayer.