Stillness, Smallness & Being on the Edge 

Recently, I had the privilege of having a holiday in South Australia.  The three amateur smartphone photos in this blog post are significant to me because they remind me of some spiritual insights from that time of rest and abiding. 

Flinders Ranges
Here I was struck by the stillness (my phone was even out of range).  It was very still and very quiet.  Much quieter than other places we visited where there was wind in trees, the noise of birds and even the noise of insects.  But here it was very still and very quiet.  I was reminded of Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God".  In a deeper way I was impressed by the importance and benefit of cultivating an inner stillness and quietness to help me know God better and hear God better.

Milky Way
I know this dodgy extended exposure photo on my phone doesn't convey the brilliance of the Milky Way undimmed by city lights.  But standing in the moonless night, looking up at the massive night sky with millions of stars and even millions of galaxies, I was again reminded of my smallness in the presence of an enormous universe and an even more enormous and powerful but also loving God.  I was impressed with the need to take this perspective back into the hustle and bustle of my normal everyday life.

I regularly find it easy to connect with God when I'm near the sea/ocean on a beach or cliff top.  I think part of that is to do with being on a boundary between land and water, being on the edge between one reality and another.  This time I was impressed that the more I cultivate the practice of living in conscious awareness of God's presence with me, the more I will be on the edge of having new experiences and adventures with God.