Who are we (am I) becoming in 2019 - growing into the With God Life 

God's original intention for humans was that we would live with God (Gen 1-3) but we became disconnected. We can be confident that God will succeed in fixing this because the With God Life is a major feature of the new creation in Rev 21-22.

Through the bible we see God acting to restore the With God Life - primarily in the life death and resurrection of Jesus and the sending of the Holy Spirit.  

The New Testament and Christian History show that it is possible for us to grow into a With God Life. Here are two options that can help:

Simple Option: Identify something that regularly distracts you (facebook, tv show, a worry) and start using it as a trigger to remind you to pray throughout the day.

More Detailed Option: Prayerfully work through the following steps:


1. Identify and write down what currently fills your attention during normal activities, down times, and/or distractions.

  • When your mind wanders during normal daily activities, what does it wander to?
  • When you get a few spare minutes (eg when waiting for the kettle to boil) what do you fill my thoughts with ? (worries, to do lists, dreams, ....
  • During longer downtimes like evenings or days off, what gets your attention? (tv shows, books, friends, facebook, instagram.....)

2. Choose some fresh input to expand your understanding of the With God Life


  • Listen to our sermon series from October 2018;
  • Read a book (eg. Letters by a modern mystic by Frank Laubach, The practice of the presence of God by Brother Lawrence, God is closer than you think by John Ortberg);
  • Do the Accessible Prophecy Course to get better at hearing God;
  • Talk to someone who you has more experience in living the With God Life..



3. Choose who to copy (from history, from current day)

By choosing a person(s) to copy, you get the benefit of concrete examples that have worked and not just theory.


  • The Psalmists (Psalm 16:8, Psalm 139);
  • Jesus (eg his times of solitude, how he prayed, how He did and said what He saw His Fathering doing and saying) ;
  • Brother Lawrence, Frank Laubach, Dallas Willard;
  • Someone you know



4. Ask God to give you wisdom and then prayerfully choose a simple next step.

This is a short list of some examples, it is NOT exhaustive.
You will glean other ideas from the fresh input, the person you plan to copy, and your own creative responses to what currently fills your attention.
Try and select a step that fits with your life and is specific to you.
Pick ONE and practice it before adding another to your routine.


  • When you find yourself worrying, turn your mind to God;
  • Use something that regularly distracts you (eg opening Facebook) as a reminder to turn your attention to God for a few moments before you continue.
  • Use your chores as an opportunity to pray
  • Practice imagining Jesus next to you helping you with your work;
  • Aim to have three prayer meals a day (you could use the prayer section of this app);
  • Play the Game of Doors - turning your mind to God each time you walk through a door;
  • Play Frank Laubach's Game of Minutes - try turning your mind briefly to God each minute in an hour;
  • Memorise and meditate on a bible passage (eg Psalm 139);
  • Plan times of solitude and silence - Put them in your calendar;
  • Plan times of worship - maybe using recorded music.



5. Take steps to increase your chance of following through on your plan.


  • Be really specific with your plan;
  • Keep it simple and achievable;
  • Write it down in a place where you can review it regularly;
  • Program a reminder into your calendar/phone
  • Share this with someone you trust and ask them to pray for you and ask you how you are going with that step.


Whatever you choose to do, it will start as a discipline, but with persistence it will progress to a habit, and then become a lifestyle.