Be lazy This Christmas season 

Each year, after our Christmas Day service, our church has a down time, with no scheduled activities until a brunch in mid January.  This is a way we seek to live out at a church wide level the biblical rhythm of Rest and Work (see an article about it here).  Over the years we have regularly added blog posts and sermons about rest to our website and you can find them by going to the search field at the bottom of our home page and searching for "rest".  Learning to live God's rhythm of Rest and Work is vital for our discipleship.

I find it interesting when thinking/research resonates with this.  Earlier this year I read an interesting article on "Why Being Lazy is Actually Good for You."

It talks about how idleness (unfocused time) leads to rest, planning and unearthing ideas.  In other words it matches the biblical pattern of work from rest, rather than rest from work.

So this Christmas I encourage you to plan for laziness (you may need to help each other with tag teaming, particularly if you have ongoing responsibilities like caring for children).  But don't feel the need to rush to planning and unearthing ideas.  First focus on stopping and reconnecting with the truth that God loves you even when you aren't doing anything.  Then be confident that as your mind turns to the future, God will give you clarity and ideas for the months ahead.


David Wanstall, 15/12/2018