Sermons from 2018 

We often get caught up in the tyranny of the next thing.  But it is important and valuable to look back and to remember.  I encourage you to look through this list of topics we have covered in Sunday sermons this year.  God may prompt you about something that was really significant that you need to follow through on.  God may draw your attention to something to go back and refresh your memory about.  

To get benefit from hearing God's word we need to act in response.  Maybe this list will remind you of things that you were going to do and have fallen by the wayside in the business of life.  Or maybe it will prompt fresh simple steps to take.

21/1/18 - God the Name Changer Genesis 17 (God is a covenant making God.  3 reasons we change our names today rescuing, intimacy, marriage - That is how God relates to us)

28/1/18 - Descending into Greatness Genesis 41  (How do we get and keep power, acquire and use control - God the Game Changer.  Humble yourself before God and He will lift you up.  Ask God to do it through us.

Mark 1

4/2/18 - Copy Mark 1:16-18 Copying isn’t an option, who you copy is.  Coping Jesus is creative not carbon copying.  We enter the with like for Jesus life by accepting His invitation to copy him.

11/2/18 - How to Copy 1 Cor 4:14-21 (Deliberate imitation of masters is vital to becoming like Jesus) - tail of two painters - Cecilia Gimenez and Pablo Picasso.  Dallas Disciplines.

18/2/18 - God Given Identity Mark 1:9-13 (God says “You are my son/daughter whom I love, with you I am well pleased).  Pronounced but then lived into (Like Jesus our God given identity can be undermined) - Genesis 1 - Paternity, Provision, Purpose.  Genesis 3 - Appetite, Approval, Ambition - lead to Fear, Shame, Guilt.

25/2/18 - Foro, Folo, Fomo - Appetite 

11/3/18 - Approval

18/3/18 - Ambitions

1/4/18 - The What, Why and How of Easter - Jesus was really dead, buried, empty tomb, appeared and continued his ministry (Jn 21) and continues to this day.  

8/4/18 - Copying Jesus Mark 1:16-34 (To succeed in mission we need to copy Jesus in the way he operated in the public space of the synagogue AND the social space of the household.)

15/4/18 - Flat to 3d Life  Mark 1:35-39 (to copy Jesus we need to balance the three dimensions of life)

Hearing God Better

29/4/18 - Hearing God Pt1  Basics - (Is it real, reasonable, desirable, desirable for me?)

6/5/18 - Hearing God Pt2  Blocks (False Beliefs, Fear, Rationalism, Shame, Our agendas)

13/5/18 - Hearing God - Woman at the Well  (What will God speak to us about?)

20/5/18 - Hearing God through the Spirit - Covenant and Kingdom words, Who are you sending me to and with, what do you want me to say and do?  two things - wait and walk.

3/6/18 - God who provides - Story of Israelites in journey to promised land.  Ex 3:21f and other scriptures, Ex 25:1f, 36:2f

Ephesians Series

10/6/18 - Intro to Ephesians

17/6/18 - Ephesians 1 - the J Team

1/7/18 - Ephesians 2:1-10

8/7/18 - Get it together

15/7/18 - Manifold Love of God

29/7/18 - Beyond Imagination

5/8/18 - Unity, Maturity, Diversity

12/8/18 - 5 fold ministry

19/8/18 - God’s Renovation Rescue

2/9/18 - Weed and Feed  

9/9/18 - Practise being godly

16/9/18 - Transforming power relationships

30/9/18 - The armour of God


With God Monday to Saturday

7/10/18 - Pray Continually  Eph 6:18

14/10/18 - God in everyday life, chores, work  John 17:20-23

21/10/18 - With God Monday to Saturday  Mark 1:35-39 - Three Tools - triangle, circle, semicircle - can be applied in your spiritual life AND your work life.

Gospel Lectionary Reading 

4/11/18 - The most important commandment  Mark 12:28-34

11/11/18 - Masterful Worshippers  Mark 12:38-42 & John 12:1-11

18/11/18 - Mark 13 Spiritual not physical strength