Practice - the key to hearing god better 

hearing God better questions

In our recent blog posts, services and small group times we have had input about hearing God better.  As part of that we have even done some listening exercises.  

If you want to get better at hearing God, the next thing to do is practice.  We need to practice what we've learned rather than continually look for more information.  

If you want to learn to ride a bike better, after the initial information about how you sit on the bike, how to steer, pedal and brake, you just need to have a go!!!!  That is much more important than hearing another talk about bike riding from Cadel Evans.

As we being to practice listening to God, it can seem daunting.  It can be helplful to understand we can break it down into four main areas where God will speak to us - in the areas of Covenant (relationship with God) and Kingdom (responsibility under God); and in these areas first for ourselves and then for others.  

I would like to encourage you to intentionally practice listening to God in each of these four areas.  Start with Covenant and Kingdom for yourself and then for other Christians (it would be good to review this blog post which include guidelines for doing this safely).  


  • When God speaks to us and to others, it is for our strengthening, encouragement and comfort.
  • It can be helpful when we come to God to lay aside our own agendas, and ask God for words of life.

Here are some questions that can help you focus on these areas:

  Covenant Kingdom

Father, what do You want to show me about Yourself?
What do You love about me? 
What do You like about me? 
How do You want to encourage me?”

Father, what three words would
describe your calling on my life? (Ask Him about those words and relevant scriptures)
Who you are sending me to/with?
What you would like me to do/say?


Father, show me what’s in Your heart for this person?
How do You want to encourage them today?
Who are they to You?

Father, what gifts and abilities have You placed in this person?
What’s next for this person?

  1. Pick one of the four areas,
  2. Have a go,
  3. Write down what you think you have heard, and
  4. Reflect on your experiences with people who have a bit more experience hearing God.