The Genius of Mid Sized Groups 


Last Sunday our church had a fantastic Brunch.  It was an important of togetherness over food.  But it was also important at another level - it was an opportunity for us to experience the genius of mid sized groups and why they are so helpful for engaging in local mission. Here are just some of the things that happened:

  • We were able to strengthen relationships and people got to know others - some even discovered that they had connections they didn't realise they had.  Part of this was done through a fun game that included all ages.
  • People were able to share bits about their lives with others, but there was no pressure to do so, and if you didn't 'click' with someone there were plenty of other people to talk to.  (This makes these sorts of groups more accessible for new comers)
  • We were able to easily welcome a new family who walked in off the street.
  • We had activities that were age specific (beach ball on the tennis court, and even some flying of a drone!)
  • People brought food to contribute but there was plenty for people who didn't bring any
  • We were able to do some sharing and planning about upcoming Christmas in July events
  • Some people were able to receive personal prayer and others were able to practice praying and listening to God for them.

It is hard to achieve all these things in a Sunday Service.  On the other hand, Sunday Services are great for corporate worship, sharing testimonies and teaching.

It is also hard to achieve all these things in a small group.  On the other hand, small groups are great for personal closeness, processing what God is teaching us in our lives, and encouraging each other to follow through on what God is saying to us.

Different sorts of gatherings are good for different things.  That is why we are working to give everyone opportunities to be part of:

A Worshipping Community - our larger Sunday services
Missional Communities -  mid sized groups reaching out to others
Discipling Communities - small groups that support our discipleship

David Wanstall, 28/06/2017