Aaron Keyes talk at the 2017 Worship Together Conference 

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Aaron Keyes leads a ministry called 10,000 Fathers which is committed to discipling worship leaders.  He gave a great talk at the 2017 Worship Together Conference and while it was delivered in a worship conference setting it is actually a great teaching about discipleship.

Here is the link to the recording on the Worship Together Website.  There is some introductory discussion but Aaron's talk starts at the 20 minute mark.

Here are some big ideas:

The Spiritual Life
Isn't a sprint
It is not a marathon
(and if you don't pass the baton on, you are out)

Physical infertility is heartbreaking
Spiritual infertitily is status quo

In our physical lives, we aren't designed to keep on growing but rather to reproduce.
In our spiritual lives, we have sometimes made it about continued growth and forgotten about reproducing our spiritual lives in others.


David Wanstall, 07/06/2017