Oh for the love of God! 

You don't hear this phrase of exasperation used as much anymore but maybe you can recall yourself or someone else using it when something silly or frustrating happened, or when someone was slow to do something and you wanted to motivate them to do it.

I would like to redeem this phrase for us.

This year we have been focusing on the WITH, LIKE, and FOR God life.  As we become more aware of God's presence with us in the moments of each day, that can inspire us to live with more of the characteristics of Jesus (Like), but also to live more FOR Jesus in the ordinary activities of life.  In other words doing things 'For the love of God'.  Here are some helpful quotes from Brother Lawrence (The practice of the presence of God):

Lawrence said that he had always been governed by love without thought of self. He resolved to make the love of God the goal of all his actions. He had become satisfied that this method was the best path. He was pleased when he could pick up a straw from the ground for the love of God, seeking only Him and nothing else, not even His gifts.

The same was true of his work in the kitchen (to which he had a natural aversion). He proceeded to do everything there for the love of God, praying continually for God’s grace to do his work well. In this manner he had found everything easy during the fifteen years that he had been employed there.

He always enjoyed himself no matter what he was doing because he did everything, even the smallest things, for the love of God.

The most excellent method he had found of going to God was to do our normal activities without any view of pleasing men, and (as far as we are able) purely for the love of God.

We should not become weary of doing little things for the love of God. God regards not the greatness of the work, but the love with which the work is done. We should not be surprised if in the beginning we often fail in our endeavors. In the end we will develop a habit, which will naturally produce acts through us without effort, to our exceeding great delight.

So just try and do your next activity 'For the Love of God'

And then try and do the activity after that 'For the Love of God'

And the one after that....

Don't worry if you forget for a while, whenever you remember, don't get down on yourself, just start doing the next activity 'For the Love of God'.