Are you enjoying God? 

God wants us to encounter Him, He wants us to encourage one another, and He wants us to engage with the community around us. But sometimes we can get so caught up in encountering, encouraging, engaging that we forget to enjoy God.  Sometimes we can get so busy doing work for God that we lose the ability to delight in being in God's presence.  Others of us might have never had the experience of enjoying God or never even thought that enjoying God was something that was possible or even allowed.

But God is the most joyful being in existence.  There is no-one more joyful than God.  If a beautiful sunset brings you joy, imagine the joy God has in creating and seeing all of themthem.  If watching a sleeping baby brings you joy, imagine the joy that God has in creating and seeing all the sleeping babies.  Does music or great food or meeting people or helping someone or solving a problem bring you joy?  Imagine what joy God has creating those things but also observing his children enjoying those things.  

Are you looking forward to something - a wedding, a retirement, or the holiday of a lifetime.  Anticipating it brings you joy.  Imagine the joy God has anticipating the renewal of all things where people are given resurrection bodies, death is vanquished and there is no more mourning or crying or pain.

God is the the most joyful being in existence and God more than the best parent who ever lived, God enjoys being with His children.  

We are allowed to enjoy God because we are:

sons before we are servants,
daughters before we are deputies
children before we are couriers
family before we are faculty

And God enjoys being with us.  So as we focus on God and seek to draw near to Him, there will be times for confession, and worship, and intercession and listening.   But we also need to make sure we make time for enjoying God and letting God's joy infuse our own souls. 


David Wanstall, 04/05/2017