The With God Life Part 2 - some More quotes from Brother Lawrence 

brother lawrence
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Here are some more quotes about living the With God Life from Brother Lawrence's  "The Practice of the Presence of God":

The spiritual life is neither an art nor a science. To arrive at union with God all one needs is a heart resolutely determined to apply itself to nothing but Him, do nothing but for His sake, and to love Him only.

Part of this communion with God is praising, adoring, and loving him incessantly for His infinite goodness and perfection.

Without being discouraged by our sins, we should pray for His grace with perfect confidence, relying upon the infinite merits of our Lord. God never fails to offer us His grace for every occasion.

Our sanctification does not depend upon changing what we do, but in doing for God’s sake what we normally do for our own sake.

Sometimes I consider myself as a stone before a sculptor, who is making a statue. I present myself to God, and I desire Him to make His perfect image in my soul, and make me entirely like Himself.

I also admire the fortitude and bravery of our mutual friend. [His name is omitted.] ...... Let him think of God as often as he can, especially when he is in the greatest danger. Just a little lifting up of the heart is enough. A little remembrance of God, one act of inner worship, even though it is during a march with sword in hand, is sufficient. Such prayers, however brief, are very acceptable to God. Far from diminishing a soldier's courage in times of danger, they actually serve to fortify it.

We are to bring our mind back to God gently and quietly whenever we find it wandering from Him.



David Wanstall, 29/03/2017