Equip Sunday - October 2016 

On our equip Sunday in October we ran training tracks to help us with our Christian lives.  Here are some resources from those tracks.

Track One:  Discipling our young people through event and process 

At the beginning of this track we looked at the different ways Saul and David were preprared for kingship through the events of their early lives.  We then went on to look at the importance of both events and processes in the discipling of our young people.

The recording of the session is here.

Track Two: Stillness

As a church we have recently explored a number of ways that we can deepen our individual faith journeys. One of these, being still and focusing, is a very valuable discipline that can enhance our ability to connect and commune with God.   

Here is a pdf of the notes from that track.

David Wanstall, 02/11/2016