Missional Meals 

jesus meals

Our church has started to set aside the fourth weekend of the month for missional meals.  

We think it is important that as Christians we follow the words, works and WAYS of Jesus.  When we look at the Gospels, we see a vital part of what Jesus did was have meals with people.  Sometimes it was just with his disciples but many times it was with friends, neighbours and people they met while travelling around.

We live in a society that is in many ways losing the habit and skill of eating together.  But when you eat together around a table (not a TV screen) there is a level of community and sharing that doesn't occur in many other places.

Here are a couple of sermons about missional meals from last year:

The power of missional meals

Jesus' examples of missional meals

Here is a list of some of Jesus meals just from the Gospel of Luke and a thought about what we can learn from each of them:

Luke 4:38-41 - praying for people in the moment

Luke 5:27-31 - aim for slightly deeper conversation, you will end up talking about spiritual topics

Luke 7:36-50 - the spiritual conversations sometimes happen with one of the other guests, not the host

Luke 10:38-42 - not all meals are with non Christians, however there can still be significant discipleship moments

Luke 11:37-41 - doing something unexpected might provoke a spiritual conversation

Luke 14:1-6 - sometimes, probably on rare occasions it may be appropriate to bring challenge

Luke 19:1-9 - occasionally it is ok to invite yourself to someone’s house for a meal

Luke 22:7-38 - this meal is just with disciples but he is training them about things that are important for mission 

photo credit: Last Supper via photopin (license)

David Wanstall, 19/04/2016