Don't take Easter at one speed (reposted) 

different speeds
This post is from Easter three years ago and is just as important today.

Don't take Easter at the one speed.  Technology has allowed us to smooth out the ups and downs of the year.  Airconditioners keep the temperatures in our houses constant; international transport enables us to have all sorts of fruits and vegetables all year round, DVD's DVR's and online services allow us to watch our favourite TV shows at any time, and cheap international travel means we can ski or surf whenever we want.  All week trading means we can shop on any day, and internet shopping means we can shop at any hour - day or night.  Now you can even buy hot cross buns from soon after Christmas!!!

We can unconsciously transfer this flattening out of the ups and downs of the year into our Spiritual lives - one day is much the same as the next, one sunday service the same as one four months ago, and we somewhat randomly think about different aspects of the bible story and the life of Jesus.

I think there is a danger that if we transfer this flattening out to Easter we will miss the richness and the depth of these universally significant events.  So this Easter try not to treat every day the same:

  • On Psalm Sunday  read about and enter into the excitement of the crowds welcoming Jesus the Messiah/King into Jerusalem.  A Day for excitement.
  • On Maunday Thursday remember the last Supper - the intimacy of Jesus with his disciples, the unfolding tragedy of Judas' betrayal, the significance of the first communion as part of Passover, and Jesus' anguished prayer in the Garden.  A Day for closeness.
  • On Good Friday consider the shocking abandonment of Jesus by the disciples and then by the crowds, the injustice, His degrading punishment, darkness covering the land, Jesus death and burial.  Then think about the disciples - shocked and stunned.  Ponder how someone so good could be treated so badly.  A Day for sadness
  • On Easter Saturday allow yourself to feel the uncertainty of Jesus still dead, hopes unfulfilled, the limbo of not knowing what will happen next.  A Day for quiet uncertainty.
  • On Easter Sunday rejoice and celebrate in the history changing resurrection - Jesus is King, sin and death are defeated.  Try and imagine the different sort of shock the disciples experienced.  Think about how the resurrection broke through their paradigms and busted their ways of thinking.  Let the resurrection challenge your ways of thinking again.  A Day for paradigm changing rejoicing. 

David Wanstall, 18/03/2016