Tech Savvy Parenting 

 Here is the resource page from a training session:


Useful Resources


• Cyber Parenting: Raising Your Kids in an Online World By James and Simone Boswell
(Australian published in 2013, available at Koorong as hardcopy or eBook)
• Growing Up Social: Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-driven World By Gary Chapman and Arlene Pellicane

Useful Websites and Articles

General Technology - A useful article on getting involved with our young peoples technological lives Parental controls and information hub – An interesting look at how technology affects child development.

Pornography Use and Addiction - Fight the new drug, highlights the issues it causes. Provides a Christian perspective on healing from addiction Accountability software - Parental control software. Some alarming porn statistics.  The rest of the site is for a Christian book on healing from it.

Cyberbullying and Inapproptiate Relationships - This site can be used to get information and report concerns.  An excellent pit-stop for Tech Savvy Parenting – An actual place but also an information source for challenges faced with grooming online

Gaming - Self explanatory, from a mental health and well-being website.

Sample Technology Use Contracts

Paul Riessen, 29/11/2015