Memory verses aren't just for sunday school 

bible verse

When was the last time you learned a memory verse?

Our children are learning memory verses as part of our Kids Church curriculum.  It is important and beneficial for their growth as Christians.  However, it is not just beneficial for them - it is beneficial for all of us.  Remember - in memorizing bible verses we are only following the example of Jesus who memorized Old Testament verses.

Some pointers:

  • It is possible for adults to memorize verses - it isn't just a child thing!
  • Choose verses from a bible passage that you have read recently that seemed to be highlighted to you as you read it - this will most likely be something that God is currently speaking to you about.  (If you are stuck, you could always select from the kids church memory verses)
  • Repeat the verses aloud to your self (it can be done quietly so you don't disturb others) - saying them aloud helps you memorize them quicker than reading them in your mind
  • Try memorizing a phrase at a time
  • Review the verses over several days and then a week or so later
  • It is easier to remember serveral verses from one passage than single verses from different places

So what are the next verses you are planning to memorize?

photo credit: Bible via photopin (license)  

David Wanstall, 07/09/2015