Some quotes from dallas willard


A number of years ago I was privileged to attend a two week workshop with Dallas Willard.  I was recently going through some notes and thought I would share a few of them here:

  • Spiritual Life is the life that integrates us with the Life of God
  • A Carnal Christian is one who is trusting in their own abilities
  • To be filled with the Spirit is to have all parts of your life under God and be living it out with His help and direction
  • Power (the ability to work) in the Christian life is mainly directed at the transformation of character
  • Kingdom of the Heavens - the Jewish experience of this was of God acting out of the air around them
  • How are you going with your kingdom/queendom today? (ie the arena over which you have a say - at a minumum this probably includes your thoughts and your bedroom)
  • God is with us in two ways - conversation and joint action
  • Becoming like a child (Matt 18:3) - give up all human measures of significance
  • Crucified with Christ - all other objectives in my life are subjected to God's objectives
  • MInistry is not a job
  • Success at your job  (even volunteer job), is not the same as success in ministry.  You could succeed in one and fail in the other
  • Your ministry - is the portion of God's work in your time he has assigned to you.
  • Humans can take your job, they can't take your ministry
  • In ministry move out in service and watch for the manifest presence of God.

David Wanstall, 20/05/2015