Salvation, stronghold, satisfaction


At our church we encourage people to follow the Moravian Daily readings (  Recently  Psalms 62 and 63 have been in the readings.  These Psalms describe God as being psalmist's Salvation, Stronghold and Satisfaction.  These aren't just nice words in ancient poems, they were the lived reality of the writer AND they point to the possibility that it can be our lived experience as well!

We don't have to rely on our own goodness or strength - God saves us (Ps 62:1,6,7; 63:7,8)
We don't have to defend ourselves from those who attack us - our souls can find rest and safety in God who is our stronghold and fortress (Ps 62:1,2,5,6)
We don't have to be controlled by desires for money, food, sex, fame etc - through seeking God and praising God we can receive a deeper and more profound satisfaction (Ps 63:1,4,5)

I encourage you to come back to these pslams over the next few days and weeks.  Read them, meditate on them, and be open to God changing your thoguhts and feelings.  Ask God to help make these part of your lived experience and then have confidence that He will do so.

photo credit: IOM08_DWEP-64 via photopin (license)

David Wanstall, 13/05/2015