G.R.O.W. as a disciple

three leg stool

Recently we have been reflecting on being deliberate in seeking to grow as disciples of Jesus this year.

There are three areas we need to grow in:

Content: Our knowledge of the Bible, theology, Christian History
Character: Being the sort of person Jesus was
Competency: Being able to do the sorts of things Jesus did.

God wants to grow us in all three areas this year.  But you may identify one area which may require specific focus, where one of the 'legs' is shorter.

I encourage you to think and pray about specific goals for each area this year:

Your goal might be to read some of the books in the bible you haven't read before, or to explore some of the core theology of Christianity, or to read some Christian history.......

Your goal might be to become less angry, more joyful, less judgmental, more gracious ......

Your goal might be to learn to disciple the way Jesus did, or to learn how to go on mission the way Jesus did, or to learn how to pray for people who are sick.....

Whatever your goals, the G.R.O.W. acronym will be helpful:

God is the source - all growth starts from God, is enabled by God and is sustained by God.
Recognize opportunities to grow as a disciple through events in your life or through resources that you access.
Open yourself to the truth of God's kingdom - not just intellectual recognition of truth but a heart decision to let it impact your life
Walk and begin to live in this truth and expect God's Spirit to be with you enabling you to do it.


David Wanstall, 17/02/2015