Embrace the Busyness, Revel in the Relaxation


The next two months are often months of great contrast.  December can be unusually busy with projects needing to be finished, school years coming to an end, end of year functions for work, school and a kaleidoscope of other groups, presents to purchase, turkeys to cook, Christmas services to prepare and attend......

In contrast during January, there is no school, many workplaces are closed, there are no work functions, and after the sales - no presents to buy.

December can be an extroverts paradise, while introverts hang out for the quiteness of January.

HOWEVER - the gospels show we can connect with Jesus in both places - in the crowd and in the solitude.

In which place do you more naturally connect with God?  This December and January play to your strength - connect with God in the way you find the easiest.  But also try a little experiment - ask God to help you connect with God in the way that comes less naturally. 

  • Ask God to help you encounter Him in the crowd. 
  • Ask God to help you encounter him on a lazy Saturday afternoon when all your friends are absent.
May we all become a bit more ambidextrous.

photo credit: jocountry2009 via photopin cc
photo credit: Gunnshots via photopin cc
David Wanstall, 02/12/2014