Everyone starts running around in circles


Have you ever been to an end of year concert for a dance school or a days worth of games at a local soccer club?  

In both places you will see beginners - usually young - running around in circles.  It can seem cute (if you are one of the parents) or frustrating if you are used to the Bolshoi or EPL.  However everyone at the elite level started out running around in cricles.

It is the same in the any area of your Christian life.  When you start praying, worshiping, studying the bible, discipling people, loving your enemies, learning to do mission .......  you start out running around in circles.  It is the same for everyone.  So don't be frozen into inaction - put off by looking at experts, thinking I could never do that.  Remember even the most proficient started 'running around in circles'.

Do you want to grow in any area of your Christian life?
- listen to teachers
- hang around with people who are a bit better than you,
- most of all be willing to have a go - run around in circles.

photo credit: Oude School via photopin cc

David Wanstall, 24/11/2014