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The Leadership Square (Apprentice model of leadership)

As disciples of Jesus we both need to grow AND help others grow as disciples of Jesus.  In other words we are all both teachers and students/leaders and followers.

The aim is NOT to build dependence on us (increasing our empire) but to enable others to do what we do and for them in turn to enable others.

Jesus used an apprenticeship model of leadership.  We can apply this to any area of life.  The square reminds us of the four stages in the leader/disciple relationship:  


As we go through the four stages both leaders and followers will experience different things and different things will be required of them.  On the reverse side of the card are some pointers to help you identify what stage you are in with regard to any particular situation.

Stage 1    
(D1) Disciples are confident and enthusiastic but have low experience and are incompetent.
(L1) Leaders need to be direct and set an example. There is low consensus.
Stage 2
(D2) Disciples are unenthusiastic and low in confidence because they have realized they have low experience and low competence.
(L2) Leaders becomes coaches.  There are high levels of direction, discussion (answering questions), demonstration and accessibility (ie spending a lot of time with the disciple)
Stage 3
(D3) Disciples have increasing enthusiasm, growing experience, intermittent confidence and growing competence.
(L3) Leaders are open to discussion.  There is lower direction, more consensus, and continued high levels of  discussion and accessibility
Stage 4
(D4) Disciples are confident, competent, experienced and enthusiastic.
(L4) Leaders give low direction, low examples but continue to be available for discussion and explanation(delegate).

When we first start something new we have a high level of confidence and enthusiasm however we don’t know what we are doing and often we don’t know that we don’t know. 

The critical transition is from Stage 1 to Stage 2  (D1→D2)because the disciple finds out they can’t do it and will tend to give up. Instead of giving up and looking for something else to try, the disciple needs to get some coaching.