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The Learning Circle

In the gospels, Jesus continually teaches his disciples using the moments of their lives - forgetting their lunch, having an argument or experiencing His transfiguration.  Jesus still teaches his disciples today in the same way.  

When Jesus began his ministry he said “The time (kairos - greek word meaning a specific moment) has come, repent (change your thinking) and believe the good news (act differently as a result).  This provides us with the pattern for becoming more like Jesus from the ‘Kairos’ moments of our lives.

learning circle white

  • Observe (describe the moment)
  • Reflect (what went on in you - thoughts, feelings, choices)
  • Discuss (talk with someone about your reflections, talk about what could change for the future, what can you learn about God, the world and yourself)
  • Plan (think of a simple achievable step(s) you can carry out in the next week - you will be surprised about how much change can happen with a series of small steps.)
  • Account (ask someone you trust to hold you accountable to what you have planned.)  THEN ACT.

Three important tips:
  1. On the Repent side, as well as surface issues, seek to identify your thinking about God that needs to change.
  2. On the Believe side, make a plan and then ask someone you trust to hold you accountable to what you have planned.  We tend to avoid accountability so we need to be intentional about it.
  3. Keep a record of your Kairos moments so you can review them.  It is a great reminder of what God has been teaching you.

Identifying the Kairos Moments in your life.

  • The critical thing is to get in the habit of prayerfully thinking about what has occurred in your life in the last day/week/month etc.
  • Start the process, you will improve with experience.  
  • Ask someone with more experience to help you.
  • Types of Kairos moments:
  Big Small

Some questions to ask:
  • When have I been aware of the presence/absence of God and His goodness?
  • When have I been aware of brokenness or sinfulness?