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Membership Questionnaire

(Go to history, beliefs, vision, values, struture page)

This part of the membership process is to help you articulate what you already know, and identify the areas we can most profitably spend our time in face to face conversation.  If you are unsure about any area, just write 'unsure' and we will happily cover that area with you.  We hope that you will find this a helpful exercise. 
(If giving written answers is an issue for any reason, please let us know and we will make other arrangements)

You can either fill in your answers directly on this page and submit it by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.  
You can also download a Microsoft Word file, type in your answers and email it to us;
or you can download and printout this pdf (or get it from the church) and write in your answers and hand it in. 
Choose the method that is best for you!

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1. Your Journey

Please describe your spiritual journey to this point (ie your testimony).  We think spending time reflecting on and being able to articulate our stories in short and long forms is helpful in sharing the gospel with people.  How have you changed?  What have other people noticed?

2.  The Church

What is the Church?  Why is it important?

3. Membership

What do you think are some of the committments involved in becoming a member of a local church?  What are your expectations of other members of a local church?

4. Lifeshapes

Here at Stonnington we use lifeshapes to help understand and communicate important discipleship processes.  Here is an excerpt from a book that gives an introduction to some of those shapes.  Please let us know how familiar you are with lifeshapes and any questions you may have from previous experience or the reading.

5.  Overview of the bible. 

The bible has an overall narrative from Genesis to Revelation.  In a few sentences describe the major events in order.

(Passages that we think point out the major elements are: Gen 1-3, Gen 12, Isa 40-55, Rom 8, 1 Cor 15, Eph 1, and Rev 21-22)
This series of five online sermons gives an overview.

6.  Kingdom and Covenant

These two terms relate to the two major themes that wind their way through the bible like the double helix of DNA.  Briefly describe what they mean with regards to God and His relationship humans.

7. The Nature of God

In a few sentences describe what is meant by the term 'Trinity'.  What ways if any can this understanding of God impact everyday Christian life?
If you would like to do some reading - here are two pdf articles on the trinity one two

8. The nature, effects and sources of sin

Briefly describe what sin is, what are the results of sin and what are the major types of temptation that we all face. 

(Some passages that relate to the major temptations are: Genesis 3, Matthew 4:1-11 and parallels in the other gospels, 1 John 2:15-17)

9. Salvation, Baptism and Discipleship

Briefly describe what is Salvation and how is it received.  Describe the meaning and significance of Baptism.  Define discipleship and describe what place it has in the Christian life.

10. The Holy Spirit

What is your understanding of the role of the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit?

11. Spiritual Disciplines/Exercises

What are some of the things that you do regularly to help you in your Christian life (eg attending church, bible reading, fasting, solitude)?  What things have you used or tried in the past?

12. Questions & Comments

What questions or comments do you have about the history, beliefs, vision, values, structure of the church; the areas above or any other issue?

David Wanstall, 09/02/2009