Deeper Y&YA and Friday night youth

Deeper Youth & Young Adults is the discipleship group for the emerging generation at Encounter Baptist Church.   We gather on the first three weekends of each month; after the Sunday service on the 1st and 3rd Sunday and on the Friday night in between for a Movie Night.  (It is usually the second Friday of the month but not always as our schedule is based on Sunday, so it is always the Friday before the 2nd Sunday of the month)

Friday Night Youth takes place on the fourth weekend of every month (the Friday before the fourth Sunday).  This weekend is a time that EBC set aside to spend time with our communities instead of a Sunday morning service.  At FNY, we celebrate this weekend with a Friday Night Youth group that anyone from Grade 6-12 can come along.  It costs $5 to cover the equipment and cost of supper.  

If you're ever confused about when Youth events are happening please refer to the calendar below, which shows the upcoming events.

Sunday 2 February
11:40amDeeper Youth: Who is Jesus? @ Encounter Baptist Church
Friday 7 February
7:30pmDeeper Youth: Games Night @ Encounter Baptist Church
Sunday 16 February
11:40amDeeper Youth: The Big Issues,... @ Encounter Baptist Church
Friday 21 February
7:30pmDeeper Youth: The Good News of... @ Encounter Baptist Church
Sunday 1 March
9:00amDeeper Youth: Clean Up... @ Encounter Baptist Church
Friday 6 March
7:30pmDeeper Youth: Youth Planned... @ Encounter Baptist Church
Sunday 15 March
11:40amDeeper Youth: Following Jesus,... @ Encounter Baptist Church