Annual Information Review for Leaders 

Each year it is important we remind ourselves of important documents and proceedures to do with our Safe Church practice.

We encourage you to read everything on "Our Church is a Safe Place" page but we require you to read the following:

Our 'Safe Church Concerns' person is Elsie Loh. The Baptist Union of Victoria also has an Ethical Standards Worker (Brenda Williams) who can be contacted if people don't feel able to contact our Safe Church Concerns person.

Our Safe Church Policy
Our safe church reporting procedure.
Our Risk of Significant Harm Form

Our Safe Church Concerns Anecdotal Record

Please use this form to indicate when you have completed reviewing this information:

Annual Information Review Form

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Today I have:

Familiarized myself with our Safe Church Concerns Person

Read the Safe Church Policy

Read our safe church reporting procedure

Read our risk of significant harm form

Read our Safe Church Concerns anecdotal Record